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Michael Caine Reveals His Role in Interstellar

Jun 2, 2013
Michael Caine Reveals His Role in Interstellar

In an interview with NPR online Michael Caine discussed his film career in general and accidentally let slip about the role he would be playing in Christopher Nolan's upcoming Interstellar movie.

Nolan is renowned for secrecy regarding his movie projects, but Caine who previously worked alongside Nolan in Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy has previous when it comes to revealing details about their collaborations.

He told NPR:

"I won an Academy Award for The Cider House Rules, playing an American. It was fascinating — it still is fascinating for me. I'm about to do a sort of thriller with Ben Kingsley, and then I'm going to do a picture with Al Pacino where he plays an aging rock star who wants a last tour, and then I'm going to be a professor in Christopher Nolan's new film Interstellar. ... I'll be 95 before I get over all that."

So there we have it straight from the horse's mouth, Michael Caine will be playing a professor in the upcoming Interstellar movie.

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Source: NPR

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